Second edition of “Sopar dels miralls” to support biomedical research


The “Sopar dels miralls” (The Mirror Dinner in English) will bring together a group of prominent people in the fields of culture, science, journalism, sports, business and politics, and will allow their followers to share the table with them on this charity evening. The dinner will take place on March 22nd at Espai Mas Marroch at 9 pm and will be provided by El Celler de Can Roca.

This second edition is being prepared with great enthusiasm and with the aim to consolidate this fund-raising event. The sponsors of this second edition will be the writer Martí Gironell and the young entrepreneur and designer Mireia Vidal. On the other hand, some of the hosts that will attend for the first time will be Carme Ruscalleda, Víctor Amela, Josep Carreras, Montserrat Tura, Vanessa Nueda and representatives of Girona Football Club.

The booking of sitting for “Sopar dels miralls” has been activated through the website and the dinners can be purchased individually or collectively for the entire table (8 or 10 guests).

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