The GO_HERO Initiative offers great opportunities for the development of biomedical research and innovation projects. The association of all three institutes with reference hospitals and other healthcare centres allows the use to clinical samples and data, and the smooth translation of the research from bench-to-bedside.

To support our research community, the consortium holds at each site several services and platforms such as:

  • Biobank Platforms
  • Clinical Trial Units
  • Statistical and Methodological Assessment Units
  • Knowledge Transfer Departments
  • Ethics Committees.

In addition, our researchers have access to specific technical platforms: Cytometry and cell sorting platform (IISPV), Histological/pathological analysis unit (IISPV), Metabolomics platform (IISPV), Respiratory Medicine and Chronic Pathologies service (IRBLleida), Vascular Imaging Laboratory: UDETMA service, Lipidomics platform (IRBLleida) among others.


CONNECARE, a care system for chronic care management

The ambition of the CONNECARE (Personalised Connected Care for Complex Chronic Patients) consortium is to co-design, develop, deploy, and evaluate a novel smart, adaptive integrated care system for chronic care management. This will save European healthcare organisations huge sums whilst improving patient outcomes. Based on …

Research group of Dr. Romero (RETINOPROGRAM)

RETINOPROGRAM is a 10-year collaboration between Dr Pere Romero-Aroca (Director of Ophtamology clinic at University Hospital San Joan de Reus) and Prof Domenech Puig (Head of ITAKA, URV) research groups, resulting in several publications and 4 registered softwares. Our access to clinical expertise and patients …