IISPV: Research group TecnATox wins H2020 project to validate a Global Health Risk Assessment Toolbox

Health and Environment

The IISPV group TecnATox lead by Prof Domingo, is a member of the winning consortium SPRINT (Sustainable Plant Protection Transition: A Global Health Approach). The SPRINT Consortium will develop and validate a Global Health Risk Assessment Toolbox to evaluate the impact of plant protection products (PPP) on the ecosystem, plant, animal and human (EPAH) health.

SPRINT is based on a multi-actor approach with 11 case study sites platforms to engage stakeholders and identify their respective needs, improving farmer and citizen awareness, joint development of novel management strategies for reduced reliance on PPP use, and creation of an enabling environment for adoption and change.

For this study, SPRINT will use three main attributes for health status: resilience, reproduction/productivity and the manifestation of diseases. The goal of the project is to integrate risk assessment at the local, regional, national and European levels, focusing on different PPP usage patterns and to detect residue mixtures in farming systems. The Consortium has representatives from 10 countries including the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

TecnATox is a specialized research center in the area of Technology Transfer in Toxicology, Food and Environmental Health, and a member of the TECNIO Network of ACC1Ó. It holds highly-qualified research facilities and technical members with a broad range of expertise in the mentioned above areas. Dr. Marquès, the lead investigator in this project was excited as “it will create a comprehensive toolbox that for the first time it will take into account the impact in soil and water biodiversity, gut microbiota, and PPP-associated diseases such as Parkinson’s”.

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