IDIBGI participates in the H2020-funded project ProCAncer-I, which aims to improve prostate cancer management through MRI and AI


The Medical Imaging Research Group at IDIBGI receives funding to carry out the ProCAncer-I project, which aims to develop a platform to support clinical decision making in prostate cancer through medical imaging and artificial intelligence.

ProCAncer-I project brings together 20 partners from 11 different countries, including prostate cancer centers of reference, world leaders in artificial intelligence (AI), established European R&D Institutions and innovative Small and Medium Enterprises with the objective to design, develop, populate and deliver to the scientific community a large interoperable repository of health images, and a scalable high performance computing platform. The platform will host the largest collection of prostate cancer Magnetic Resonance Images (MRI). ProCAncer-I will develop novel AI models to address unmet clinical needs regarding prostate cancer management across the disease continuum: accurate detection, clinical characterization, early identification of metastatic forms or prediction of the risk of disease recurrence and treatment response, among others. In Europe, prostate cancer is the second most frequent type of cancer in men and the third most lethal.

Dr Joan Carles Vilanova, clinical coordinator of the Prostate Functional Unit at the Institute of Diagnostic Imaging (IDI) in Girona, and Dr Salvador Pedraza, Director of IDI and the Medical Imaging Research Group at IDIBGI, lead the project at IDIBGI.

The project has been approved by the European Commission and is funded under the H2020 framework program.

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